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Drew Harper versus Scrappy (Part 1)

Scrappy is just relaxing on the couch when at the other end we hear Drew ask him, "Did you pay the rent?"  

Scrappy swears he did, but Drew keeps asking him why then are they being charged $350 extra since the rent hasn't been paid.  When Scrappy insists he did, Drew gets up to show him his phone and ask again.  Scrappy's excuses start to lose some of their forcefulness and suddenly Drew is choking Scrappy demanding he tell him the truth about the rent.  

Unable to even speak, all Scrappy can do at this point is gasp for air as he attempts (unsuccessfully) to fight back against an enraged Drew.  Drew moves from one oxygen restricting move to another, whether a straight out choke, a leg scissor or using a pillow around Scrappy's neck to get his point across - he is not happy about the rent situation.  Drew is out the money he gave Scrappy to pay the rent, and he has decided he is going to take it back in punishment on his poor roommate.  

As Part 1 ends we have seen a totally defeated Scrappy, what awaits him in Part 2?

Total running time:  10 minutes, 14 seconds

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