Chico XO vs. Cuban Heartbreaker

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If there were a rookie employee handbook for W4H, one of the top advisories would likely be: "Do not willingly surrender to someone bigger and stronger than you." In Chico XO's first match, he finds himself captivated by the larger, more muscular, and more powerful Cuban Heartbreaker.

So much so that he desires to not only touch Cuban's muscles but also experience the sensation of having the bigger man's biceps wrapped around his head. We can attribute it to the enthusiasm of a rookie.

Chico's wish is granted, and finds himself trapped in Cuban's vice-like grip. Despite his initial fascination, Chico eventually demonstrates that he possesses skills of his own. He manages to bring Heartbreaker down to the mat, a reliable equalizer when facing a larger adversary. Through chokes, head blows, and midsection kicks, Chico shows Cuban Heartbreaker that an early advantage can quickly dissipate. Cuban realizes he must find a solution swiftly. Fortunately for him, Chico relinquishes the advantage he had gained, something he will soon regret.

Back on their feet and facing each other once again, Cuban Heartbreaker relentlessly presses on, ensuring he doesn't make the same earlier mistake of letting up. He bends and twists the young Latin wrestler in ways that are likely unfamiliar to him, steadily securing his path to victory. When the end finally arrives, it is swift. Cuban positions himself on Chico's lower back and bends the younger wrestler's legs back, sealing the win. With triumph in his grasp, Heartbreaker gazes longingly at the camera, proudly flexing and posing his impressive physique before exiting the mat, leaving the defeated Chico lying face down, contemplating the outcome.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 11 seconds

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