Chico XO vs. Bronco

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Chico arrives on the scene expecting a fashion shoot, but instead encounters a formidable figure named Bronco, who knows nothing about any shoot. As Chico begins to mouth off and even flip him off, Bronco decides he has had enough and sets out to teach the arrogant Chico a lesson. Immediately caught in a reverse bearhug, Chico struggles to hold on as Bronco's powerful arms relentlessly squeeze, depriving him of air. Only when Chico falls face-first to the mat does Bronco release the hold, but just momentarily. Bronco quickly positions himself on Chico's lower back, pulling the young wrestler's arms back, increasing the pressure on Chico's back.

Though lying on the mat, unable to rise, Chico's cockiness remains intact. Asserting that he is stronger than Bronco, Chico once again becomes a victim of a reverse bearhug followed by a full nelson. Momentarily gaining control when he trips Bronco, causing him to fall beside him, Chico's triumph is short-lived. Soon enough, Chico finds himself over Bronco's knee, his body practically bent in half. More bearhugs and full nelsons leave Chico flailing helplessly within the grasp of the larger opponent, unable to mount a defense.

Thus far, Chico has only faced adversaries who possess a significant size and power advantage. While commendable, this approach does not bode well for victory or skill improvement. It would be beneficial for Chico to face an opponent more evenly matched in size and strength. Not only would it allow him to develop his technical skills by attempting holds on someone he can control, but it would also provide a much-needed confidence boost. Let's hope Chico gets another opportunity in the squared circle soon!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 36 seconds

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