Chet Chastain vs. Will Favero (Fantasy Fights)

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Chet Chastain portrays a baby-faced Superstud, looking almost unrecognizable in an ass-hugging full body super suit. Enter Will Favero in a shimmering mylar cape, calling himself Worst Nightmare. This super showdown proves once and for all that capes liabilities in battle as Chastain uses it to whip Nightmare from one end of the ring to another. Superstud claps the mylar man in a punishing Boston crab that leaves Favero floundering on the floor like a fish. 

Nightmare’s head scissor has no effect. Super Chastain presses his boot into Favero’s throat, applying an arm-bar that ends with Favero lying chest-to-chest upon Chastain, locked within those punishing legs so securely locked at the heels. 

Chastain laces that cape across Nightmare’s ass crack, giving him a cape wedgie that this hero will never be able to live down. Nightmare’s attack on Superstud’s abs ends in some severely damaged fists and fingers. 

Nightmare is stripped of his cape. Superstud is stripped of the top half of his body suit, as these comedic, bare-chested challengers go at it with all the bravado, charm, and lighthearted self awareness you want from a fantasy match!

Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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