Chet Chastain vs. Mark Muscle & Brendan Cage (Muscle4Hire)

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Chet Chastain’s just going through the motions, stretching his muscles, when an unwelcome visitor approaches him in the darkened ring. A businessman, slick and sleek in a stylish suit, is lifted into the ring by a titan so muscular he looks like he was made in a laboratory. 

“Think you’re tough?” asks the oily business man (Cage), his voice dripping with condescension and arrogance. “Look at this. Six foot fuckin’ four, all man. What are you, a pussy? You’re not gonna man up?” 

The muscle thug enters the ring, licking his biceps, which happen to the same size as Chastain’s head. The beast is practically towering over pretty Chastain, when he suddenly starts to pug on the pain. Chastain instantly begs for release, as the oily business man slinks into the ring to watch the kid take his punishment with twisted pleasure, too vain to get his hands dirty and fight Chastain himself. 

One piece at a time the business man strips down to a Speedo, all the while encouraging the brutal beast to bash, squeeze, and violate Chastain, until at last he is too weak to do anything but allow the business man to treat him like a bitch, in this oddly voyeuristic and entirely savage squash job.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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Stan Robertson
Marks best

This is Mark Muscles best video yet. I want to see more of him dominating smaller opponents. I REALLY want to see him get his hands on that new jobber Zacky Darlin!

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