Chet Chastain vs. Marc Merino

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Chet Chastain could be Aaron Tveit’s younger brother, with that cute as a fuckin cupcake face and that tight little body, he’s always got something to prove, inflicting pain and punishment with the dominating devastation of a man twice his size. 

Olive-skinned Marc Merino seems to tower over Chastain, an orange-clad aurochs with pecs and biceps for days. Watching these guys tangle is never what you’d expect, as the bigger man is forced to his knees again and again, and made to endure painful holds that test the flexibility of his musclebound body. 

Watch the slow motion struggle of one hot bodied little brute’s quest to beat, batter, twist, wrench, humiliate, and ultimately dominate a bigger man. The swarthy Merino seems to disappear into Chastain’s audacious headlock/scissor combination. Merino’s complacency and fish-like flopping only fuels Chastain’s challenge, inspiring the handsome heel to inflict even greater pain on his big victim. 

It's boy vs. man...but which is which?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes

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