Chet Chastain vs. Ethan Andrews

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Chet relaxes on my couch while sharing a secret talent. Not only is he a talented wrestler, but he can sing and play guitar, too! When hearing him play and sing, you gotta think that he's almost the mold for a Pop Star. He certainly has the looks of a boy band member.

Ethan is feeling cocky today. I don't know why. Sometimes he is just ready to rip into an opponent. It isn't too often that I've seen him like this, but he is definitely looking forward to his match with Chet.

They get down to action. It's back-and-forth. Both men showing off their wrestling skills while placing their opponent on display for you. Lots of nice bridges and bodyscissors in this match. I think both men are capable of dastardly things, especially during an aggressive wrestling match. Both fantastic at different aspects of the wrestling game. Ethan more submission and Chet is becoming an accomplished pro wrestler.

Chet has a unique and sexy way of selling. Ethan has a quiet masochist streak.

The suffering is very enjoyable.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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