Chet Chastain vs. Austin Cooper vs. Zach Reno (Underwear War)

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Three of the best in a three-way buddy battle. Bask in the glory of three very different body types. Big and beefy Austin Cooper. Naturally well-built and boyish Chet Chastain. Lean, hairy, and incredibly strong Zach Reno. Let's start with a flex-off, peppered with some prime pushing, shoving, punching, and backhanded insults. 

Cooper flexes and watches in total delight as Cooper and Reno lock up. Finally the bigger dude has to join in the fun, grabbing Reno by the ankles and helping Cooper stretch the hairy hero out. Chastain doesn't like Cooper's constant need for validation, returning his aggression on him, which only offers Reno an opportunity to get back at Chastain. 

If the three stooges were muscular wrestlers, this would have been their big hit movie. These guys are funny in addition to everything else, creating pyramids, figure eights, and a comic tableau or two to boot.

Total Run-time: 25 minutes

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