Chet Chastain vs. Alvin James (Total Heel)

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Chet claims he will become the next Master. Across the ring from him is his long-time tag team partner and travel companion, Alvin James. Chet is a natural heel at heart. Alvin is aware of this and attempts to jump start things, but they quickly backfire.

These two know each other extremely well, but today is looks like things are on Chet's side as he dominates nearly the entire 30 minutes. Wrenching headlocks, torqueing Boston crabs and stretching dragon sleepers are just a few of the moves Chet uses to show-off his skills. When the skills aren't enough to prove the point that Chet is ready to be the next Master, he switches his attack to chokes and rule breaking tactics. Fish hooks and eye gouges. Chet even rips off his own shoe to smother his friend.

Alvin is at the hands of a deviant and the match is only halfway over. More torture is in store for him. Chet racks his opponent across his shoulders while showing off his newly transformed body. Chet gains more confidence as his attack gains momentum. Every time he puts a new hold on his foe, he adds a pinch of trash talk for just that much more insult to injury.

Total Run-time: 32 minutes

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