Chet Chastain vs. Alex Oliver (Kiss My Foot)

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It's been noted previously how brotherly Chet Chastain and Alex Oliver look. Similar bods, similar faces, even similar wrestling styles. But Chastain, with his currently Mint Green hair, has always benefited from a higher skill level and wealth of experience that puts Oliver at a disadvantage. Therefore, it's time to test them out against each other once again. 

Barefoot Oliver and booted Chastain get it on, with Chastain demanding a showing of fealty from his proposed victim. On hands and knees with Chastain's thighs gripped around his head, Oliver is informed that this moment in time will end only when Oliver kissed Chastain's fuckin' feet. Oliver has to win, or those feet will be in his face for sure. 

After a session of rolling and rollicking, Chastain puts on a gauntlet that allows him to punch the shit out of Oliver that much more effectively, until the poor kid is sprawled on the floor, allowing Chastain ample opportunity to slowly unlace his boots. Socks off, it's time for Oliver to pay the piper. Oliver refuses. A slow, seductive, and slightly demented Chastain exacts his demands upon Oliver by way of exercise ball, sock torture, and more.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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