Chase Sinn vs. Teddy Trouble

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Aw yeah! Two hot as fuck fighters locking up like they have nothing to lose within the first five seconds of this vid! Swarthy Teddy Trouble is attired in full on Roman soldier regalia. We’re talkin’ leather lappets slapping against rockhard thighs and knee-high leg bindings. Chase Sinn, easily one of the most physically attractive combatants currently taking to the mats today, appears in, no joke, sparkling magenta trunks, knee pads, and arm garters! I mean, if Glinda the Good Witch happened to be one hell of a hot ass male wrestler, this would be the wardrobe of choice. It takes a lot of confidence to wear this shade, and Chase has it in droves.

Watch as those dusky legs interweave, knee pads glinting in the light like stars as these two tigers fight for domination in this incredibly even exchange of strength. Muscles flex, strain, and struggle in the dim, echoing space, empty of all life except these rough, furious brawlers roll all over the mat, getting so tangled in one another's flawless bodies it’s nearly impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. 

Thighs are locked around heads, arms are clamped around torsos and necks, feet are locked, legs are straightened, back muscles pop into view and faces reveal only struggle, torment, and true competitive fury until sweat glosses each face and frame, as if to render each muscle in glowing hues of bronze and gold. 

So you like watching dudes wrestle it out? Like, really fuckin’ wrestle it out? It doesn’t get any better than this?

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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i wish teddy trouble was wearing white briefs ubder that thing he had on next time please

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