Chase Sinn vs. Nova (Mixed Wrestling)

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Chase Sinn is easily one of the most technically sound wrestlers. He's impressive when it comes to his wrestling skills. However, he's got a weakness...and that's the opposite sex. 

He's been dating this girl, Nova, for a few months and the honeymoon phase has passed. The hot-and-heavy has cooled off. The match starts friendly enough, but it quickly turns into a more intense exchange than expected. Nova is going hard on Chase, even though she's not as strong, she definitely is very good at controlling the male opponent. Chase Sinn gets a lot more aggressive with his offense, which causes more conflict between the two. 

No longer is this a playful match between two lovers. 

Nova is very athletic and uses that to gain further control over her handsome muscled boyfriend. Chase Sinn finds himself in some erotic situations, which distracts him from his usual position of power in his matches. 

Nova uses her beauty and her wrestling skills to defeat her boyfriend showing her who is really in control of their relationship.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes, 34 seconds

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