Chase Sinn vs. Josh Rotner (Pros Up-Close)

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The cockiness exudes from both man. Chase is known for his alpha-male personality and it bothers him to be in second place, including with his looks, ability to wine-and-dine or wrestling opponents. Josh wears a leather jacket that expresses the punk-side of his personality. He is much larger than Chase, so he has an obvious advantage over the shorter, smaller pro wrestler from Florida. 

Chase is a technical wrestling master and has counter holds for just about every position he finds himself in, but that’s not enough to prevail over his more aggressive and much larger foe. Josh uses classic dirty tactics (eye gouges, chokes, sneak attacks) and gut punches to weaken Chase. 

Brash Josh even allows Chase a moment to regroup his thoughts and recover a bit in the corner, offering him a second chance to start the match, only to use a cheap shot to the gut to continue the punishment. He’s studied and scouted Chase Sinn very well, but Josh’s arrogance gets him caught briefly numerous times. 

Chase Sinn has a moment to comeback near the end, even mounting Josh in the corner to deliver the old-fashioned 10 punches to his trapped adversary. Josh doesn’t shut up, even during the moments he’s on the receiving end. This frustrates Chase, but offers Josh just enough time to catch Chase Sinn flying off the top rope in an atomic drop right to the bulge. 

It’s all downhill from there and Chase Sinn has no choice but to say “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I give up” to Josh’s big submission finisher that stretches the chiseled abs of the fallen foe to their breaking point.

Total Run-time: 17 minutes 

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