Charlie Panther vs. Alvin James

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The introductions are short, the match gets going quickly and before you know it Charlie Panther and Alvin James are flying around the ring performing arms bars, headlocks and a decidedly low blow head butt. The two make good use of the ring ropes coming at each other from all angles and directions. Charlie is the decidedly bigger man but Alvin can give as good as he can get and the parity in the match is on display from the onset.

While Charlie has the advantage in size, Alvin’s quickness and agility serve him well. Clearly they both know their way around a ring. Alvin drops Charlie over the top rope, followed by a Superman punch and then into a step up enziguri that knocks Charlie to the mat but only results in a two count. With the clear advantage Alvin follows up with a flying elbow drop from the top rope. Still only a two count.

A sleeper hold on the mat has Charlie fading out but all is not lost. Some devastating headbutts, chest chops leave Alvin stunned at Charlie’s comeback. The bigger man finally puts his size advantage to use. The ending comes in the form of the loser tapping out to a sleeper hold. Will the size win over the speed? Or will speed of the smaller man be the victor over the bigger man? The age old question is answered in this match!

Total running time - 19 minutes, 51 seconds

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Edward Aldrich

Two hot guys - love Alvin James, wish there were more of him


African-American matches are very enjoyable to watch, with the match having a great ending too! Looking forward to many more matches with one or two African-American wrestlers in a match or maybe even an all-African-American tag team match! Thanks!

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