Channing Travolta vs. Max Quivers

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Handsome Channing Travolta looks like a boy whose parents just dropped him off for his first day of wrestling school. Shiny body. Shiny new speedos, boots, knee pads, and sweatbands on his arms. Enter the dirty dude, Max Quivers. You’ve never seen a more mismatched pairing, between Travolta’s farm fresh grin and the iconic Quivers suit, mask, and growl.

“They didn’t tell you about me,” the monster growls. “I’m dirty!” This is like watching the psychotic headmaster school the newest student. Quivers forces Travolta to his knees, then rips his arms apart. Travolta swings uselessly, blind swings connecting to nothing. Quivers rides his jobber body like a pony, pressing him into the floor and choking him until his face turns as red as his speedo.

A cheap dress shoe pounds Travolta’s soft abdomen, then slides into his crotch. Off comes the Quivers neck tie, used to inflict more choking pain, as Travolta crumbles to the floor, reaching forward helplessly, flopping like a fish out of water. A big meaty heel destroys another soft, pretty jobber. Classic formula, flawless execution, with a humiliating final move that leaves Travolta weak and defeated.

Run Time: 18 minutes, 56 seconds

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