Chace LaChance vs. Ronnie Pearl (Fantasy Fights)

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Bespectacled Ronnie Pearl can’t imagine a world in which a noted hero would turn to the dark side. But a barefoot boy wonder (more like “man wonder”, in the muscular form of Chace LaChance) is all too happy to prove this Daily Planet reporter wrong. A dose of chloroform does the trick, and suddenly Pearl is revealed to be the Man of Steel, only not so steely. It’s a one-sided battle of supremacy, as Man Wonder uses ropes those impressive arms to put on the nastiest headlocks, armbars, and sleeper holds. 

Iconic shirts are torn to shreds...handsome faces are twisted in agony, bulging biceps are rendered useless as brutal camel clutches are applied, faces are shoved into faces, and massive muscle men are literally ground into the mat. 

Let your superhero fight fantasies run wild with the help of two sturdy muscle men!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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