Chace LaChance vs. Nick Sparx (Rip and Strip)

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Clothes being ripped off is one of the staples of a classic catfight. Gotta demolish your opponent’s fancy clothes to really humiliate the shit out of their sorry ass. That’s what they deserves for snatching your man. Catfight! Oh...wait. It’s a couple of muscle dudes going at it. My bad. DOGfight!


Perfectly proportioned Chace LaChance just boned Nick Sparx’s lady. Time to settle this like men, in a clothes ripping battle of wills. Get ready for trash talk, pushing, shoving, slapping, and true aggression. These bad boys beat and batter each other all over the place. 

Where do you even find bodies like these? Each fighter looks like he stepped straight out of some housewife’s favorite lumberjack fantasy, all chiseled pecs and beard stubble and brawny swagger. 

The best fights involve a genuine conflict, even competition, and something to prove. Plus, when was the last time you saw a good old fashioned rip n’ strip match? It’s jeans and jackets to bare feet and speedos. Fight!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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