Chace LaChance vs. Mark Muscle

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There is a reason that “Muscle” is Marks last name. The behemoth of a man is already posing when Chace LaChance enters the ring wearing a leather jacket. The back and forth between the two when they finally decided that it’s time for a bit of strip wrestling – every time someone taps out the loser has to take off another piece of gear. Chace quickly gives up and the jacket is lost.

Several full nelsons and bearhugs later and the two eventually lose not only their singlets but their speedos as well and are left fighting each other in just thongs. Seeing virtually every inch of each of these extremely well sculptured fighters is a treat for any person who appreciates what is possible to achieve with the human body. Seeing them suffer at the hands of the other just adds the cherry on top!

In the end, only one person can win. Both put their strength to good use throughout the match, causing their opponent to tap out multiple times. The finale comes as one combatant has their head squeezed between their opponent’s sizeable leg muscles! The winner in the end gets to strip the loser of his thong and stands tall in the ring holding up their prized possession. Although there is a winner and a loser in this contest, in the end you, the viewer, are the real winners!

Total running time – 18 minutes, 4 second

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