Chace LaChance vs. Marco Thunder (Jock Wars)

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A long time ago, 
On a wrestling mat far, far away…

The only light sabers in this war are the ones in these guys speedos, but these Jedi knights certainly know how to use the force. Starting with a finger-locked test of strength, two of the buffest badasses I have ever filmed offer an exhibition is body builder battling. Every inch of each dude is a prime example of what the human body can be. The question is, who is stronger. 

Chace LaChance cuts a flawless figure, every inch a match for muscle man Marco Thunder. But all too soon that forty pound weight difference is visible on LaChance’s face. Jaw clenched, voice shaking, LaChance moans and eats the mat until Marco is inspired to feed his powerful opponent a heaping helping of his impressive package. 

Foot stomping, camel clutches, and multiple submissions make this match a complete and total shake-up. It’s a barefoot battle of two beautifully built bruisers!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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