Chace LaChance vs. Lash & Drake Vaughn

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Normally, one would think that when the odds in a match are 2 on 1, the team of the 2 wrestlers would have a decided advantage.  However, when the 2 is newbie Drake Vaughn and relative newbie Lash, and the 1 is the experienced and muscular Chace LaChance (who has enough muscle for 2 individuals himself), I would have to go out on a limb and say the odds are pretty much even, if not tilting slightly in Chace's favor.  As the match begins, Chace, although outnumbered, shows that this will be your typical 2 on 1 match as he manages to push and throw his opponents around the ring.
At one point trapping both Lash and Drake in the corner while he uses his massive body to squash them, Chace obviously is enjoying his playtime with his two new toys.  Clubbing blows and stomps to the backs and heads of both Lash and Drake only increase the size of the smile on Chace's face.  A double headlock, with each wrestler's head tight in the grasp of one of Chace's massive forearms increases the pressure on the duo and they both collapse to the mat in pain.  Although both Lash and Drake manage to land on Chace's back and bring him to the mat, their advantage is only momentary and soon Chace once again has the upper hand.
Although there are several more back and forth moments, it becomes apparent that Chace can basically regain control whenever he pleases.  He is almost baiting his opponents into trying to subdue him, knowing full well that he has both the experience and the power to turn the tables back in his favor whenever he wants.  Although he is on the receiving end on a couple more occasions, finally Chace decides he has had enough and begins the process of putting his opponents down for good, applying tight sleeper holds on both of his playthings for a final time.  A truly dominant display of Chace's wrestling prowess and strength, not to be toyed with by newbies, no matter how many they number!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 14 seconds

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