Chace LaChance vs. Lash

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Chace LaChance is back.  He is hungry.  He is committed.  He is deadly.  However, he has been away from the ring for a while, and in the time he has been gone, the underground wrestling world has changed and evolved.  You can no longer look at a person and make a determination based on their appearance only.  So when Lash enters the ring and stands toe to toe with Chace, don't count him out.  For today's saavy underground wrestler will use every trick they can find to notch a win over their opponent.  
Chace seems to understand this and as he is having Lash pose in the middle of the ring, he jumps him behind and slaps on a sleeper hold.  Although he begins to slip away, Lash finds just enough fight to turn the move around and suddenly be on top of Chace.  That's not the only time Lash will get the better of Chace, Lask manages to even the odds at many times, using tactics like ball grabs to his benefit.  But Chace has not amassed the reputation he has by falling to his opponent that easily.
Although at times, tested by the wily Lash, Chace maximizes his years of experience to take control time after time.  Lash may be cocky and brash, but Chace obviosuly has the power and experience to overcome vitutally any challenge.  If you've missed Chace in the ring, here is you chance to catch up with an old wrestling friend.  He may be a few years older, but he is just as determined (if not more-so), and as always, willing to whatever it takes to notch another win!  
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 06 seconds

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