Chace LaChance vs. Joey Nux (Socks)

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Chace LaChance thinks he’s tough. He’s definitely one of the hottest guys on the roster, flexing and pumping himself up in revealing red speedos and red socks stretched tightly over his calves. Clean white wrestling boots look even brighter against the tight, high red of the socks. Barefoot Joey is so big, his muscles looking more swollen than usual as he stands like a statue in his black, leathery trunks. Both men look like they’re bursting out of what little coverage they have on.

“You’re a pretty big guy,” Chace says to Joey. “But looks can be deceiving.” Joey calmly challenges Chace to a test of strength. Chests grind together, teeth grit, Joey’s sizable package bounces and sways. Hands locked, Chace is pressed into the floor, certain he’s been beaten.

Now the barefoot bruiser has his eyes on Chace’s red socks, which he mocks while grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling him into a killer backbreaker. Chace is cameled. His torso is crushed. He’s ensnared in the ropes. He is slung over Joey’s shoulders. Joey’s sweat drips onto him, as he continually struggles to keep his socks up.

Total Run Time: 19 minutes, 43 seconds

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