Chace LaChance vs. Flash LaCash

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I knew when Braden Charron told me he could get me Chace LaChance for my blog, I had to give him an aggressive and dominating heel. I gave a call to a friend of mine, Flash LaCash, to suggest that he be the man for this job. When I suggested that I need an intense, aggressive and vicious heel, Flash chuckled and said "you've called the right guy."

Flash, a long-time indy pro wrestler, attacks Chace at the beginning of the match and doesn't let up. He moves from hold to hold. It looks like he is enjoying his latest role...and it looks like Chace is just going to have to suffer through the transformation.

Flash taunts his opponent: "Where's your tutu today?" he asks while having Chace squeezed between his legs in a tight headscissors.

LaCash continues to lock in hold after hold, continuously dominating the red speedo clad opponent.

At one point, Chace gains control over Flash, which only further intensifies the destruction for the less knowledgeable model. A big slam puts Chace right back to the mat. Flash sees an opportunity to use the ring in his attack as he places his victim in a tree of woe. He begins firing away: chops, kicks, stomps to the hanging victim. He wraps Chace's legs around the ring post, yanking the legs so he can slam Chace's nuts into the cold steel.

A sleeper hold from Flash has knocked out LaChance, but that isn't what Flash came for. He reaches into his trunks and pulls out a foreign object. A version of brass knuckles that he briefly uses before taunting Chace to use it on him. Flash is quick to stop any thoughts of offense from Chace and begins rapid-fire European uppercuts, which rock the opponent.

Flash ceases this opportunity to put LaChance out for good and, finally, prove he has what it takes to be successful in this ring.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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