Chace LaChance vs. Blake Starr (Rookie Wrecker)

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Two frat boys from opposing cliques face-off on the mat. Collegiate cutie, Blake Starr warms up in his blue varsity jacket before being interrupted by cocky beefcake, Chace LaChance. The tension has been building between the two squads for quite a long time. The mere sight of the opposing teams emblem raises the testosterone levels in the room.

Chace pulls the jacket off the jv jock. The tattooed muscle hunk easily takes care of his opponent quickly. Blake is wrapped tightly by the varsity captain, out-classing and humiliating Blake, using his powerful legs and bulging biceps to manhandle the squirmy lightweight.

Blake is begging for leniency, but his requests fall on deaf ears. Chace continues to dominate and embarrass the rookie wrestler. The hazing from the upper-classman continues until the superior powerhouse decides he needs to have a real wrestling match. Blake is left on the mat defeated, exhausted and disgraced.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes



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