Chace LaChance vs. Aaron Lopez

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Pretty little Aaron Lopez has tangled with and been tossed around by bigger guys than him. Tight and toned Chace LaChance ought to make for a nice change. Both men are closer in size, but can fresh-faced Aaron keep up with the more skilled Chace. They lockup up, already on more even footing, as their booted feet dig into the floor for leverage. Aaron tumbles, opening the door for Chace to clamp the rookie’s torso hard, lifting him up like he weighs nothing at all.

Suddenly we’re reminded that Chace has powerfully well-developed chest and abdominal definition, especially as compared to the rookie’s softer, more tender rookie body. Chace grits his teeth, stretching Aaron out like taffy, then uses his thick curls to pick him up again...only to roll him across the floor and pull him into a backbreaker that has the boy moaning in exquisite agony!

They circle, they strain, butts and packages swinging past the camera. Aaron feasts on Chace’s armpit while being hoisted onto his toes. Another backbreaker has Aaron begging to be let go.

“I submit...dude...aaaahhh! Let me tap out!”

“It’s almost over,” says Chace. Somehow this is anything but comforting. After all, the worst is yet to come! Another backbreaker, and another! Aaron’s impressive package points skyward through his blue speedos in humiliating high def as be begs yet again to be allowed to stop!

Total Run Time: 21 minutes, 4 seconds

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