Cash vs. Zach Reno

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Zach enters the ring brandishing a championship belt, calling for any contenders to join him in the ring. I am not sure Zach had the incredibly muscular Cash to be the one to answer the call.

Clad only in a tiger print bikini, it seems as though Cash intends to make Zach his next prey! Zach continues his trash talking and the match is on!

This is very much a case of Zach’s mouth trying to write a check his body can’t "Cash" (pun intended). Cash stalks his prey around the ring, and although Zach does get in some offense, the ferocity of Cash’s onslaught is something that Zach simply cannot withstand. This could be the shortest title reign of Zach’s career!

Still, there is a chance that Zach can somehow eke out a victory and retain his title. But it will be difficult and Cash has every intention of not only taking Zach’s belt, but of thoroughly humiliating him in the process. If Cash has his way, Zach will be just another prey that falls to Cash’s hunt. The action is fast and furious and there is a definite winner. Who walks out the champion? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 56 seconds

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Definitely worth the Cash

Cash is an outstanding addition to the W4H roster especially when wrestling in a ring. This man’s rippling muscles are nothing short of a god. He owns the ring this time around but he sure looks incredible when he is on the receiving end.

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