Cash vs. Igor (Bro Battle)

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Coming to the mat are Cash, a Florida native against Igor, all the way from Brazil. Let me tell, his name may be Igor, but he is a beautiful sight. Seeming chiseled from marble, he is an impressive specimen of a man. But does he have what it takes to go against a grappler of the caliber of Cash?

Within moments, Igor is on the mat, Cash’s foot placed humiliatingly on his chest as Cash poses.

Is that the way the entire match will play out? Don’t bet on it. Igor may be new, but he has what it takes when it comes to the heart and desire needed to succeed in the Bro Battle house. He may have been on the receiving end of Cash’s early on, but he is determined to make sure he dishes some out as well.

Cash manages to spend most of the mat on top of the rookie and offers him no quarter just because he is new. Cash’s feeling, if you come to the mat, you get everything he’s got, regardless of how long you have been wrestling.

In the end, although he puts up a valiant effort, the experience and pure power of Cash proves too much for DJ. Not only does he submit multiple times, but Cash is determined to subject the newbie to the ultimate humiliation, going to sleep at the hands of your opponent. Is Cash successful in getting DJ to visit Dreamland? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 31 seconds

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More a question

Does Igor get put to sleep in a face to face kiss of death sleeper?

Hello Igor

Igor is a great new addition to this site! I hope to see a lot more of him!! Him paired with other big guys like Cash is a dream come true!

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