Cash vs. Danaconda & Pablo Pecs (Oil Wrestling)

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What's better than 2 hot guys, drenched in oil, rolling around on the mats for domination?  How about 3 hot guys, drenched in oil, rolling around on the mats for domination?    Danaconda and Pablo Pecs are REALLY enjoying dousing Cash with oil.  Clad in what is normally a sheer, nearly see through pair of underwear, the pair virtually disappear when they are covered in oil.  Cash knows that the pair are new to W4H and oil, so he is confident that even though he is outnumbered, he will definitely prevail.
Cash's thoughts prove to come true though as Danaconda and Pablo Pecs find that they enjoy muscle worshipping Cash more than engaging him in any type of serious wrestling on the mat.  And that suits Cash just fine, he is more than willing to accept the pairs worship as they feel up his every glistening muscle.  When the pair try to actually put Cash into a compromising position, the duo succeed only briefly before Cash puts them both back into their places and the muscle worship begins again.
Danaconda and Pablo Pecs succumb to Cash's power and eventually follow his instructions as to what to do.  When he orders one get on top of another, he does so to eventually put both of the duo's heads into a leg scissor.  The pair are truly enamored of the muscular (and let's be honest, naked) Cash and worship him from his feet all the way up to his broad shoulders.  In the end, Cash puts them back into their places and orders each to kiss his tricep, something each does willingly.  A true match of an Alpha male training his pack.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 46 seconds

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Hangry Starfish
Great Match!

Cocky is the word that I feel best describes Cash in this match. Quietly cocky before this duo of frenemy fan boys doused his sexy body with oil, and visibly cocky via those oil soaked white trunks after.

Try as they might to bring the glistening god down and overpower him, the best these desperate dingleberries can manage is to roll their young bodies across his, stoking an internal fire that %gf

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