Cameron vs. Zach Reno (Chained Up)

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Hot and hairy Zach Reno wakes up chained to the turnbuckle. This trap is tighter than his manbun. The poor hairy punk can’t seem to remember how he got in this position. But I don’t care about that. I want Reno to remember what happened in August of 2008. Lucky for him yours truly is around to beat the memory out of him.

We tangle, twist, frolic and fight. Zach tries to pull my hair, but I slap his hands away, rising to step hard on his ankle. I have a good time reminding him that he’s nothing but a worthless peasant, as I handstand and dig my heels into his neck. Zach is weak and pliable, and I take advantage of the lean, muscular easy to throw, lift, squeeze, and hurt. The athletic Zach barely puts up a fight, too weak to do anything by allow me to basically use him like a hairy weight for strength training.

Chains and folding chairs, interrogation and torment...Zach’s manbun starts to lose that tight perfection. Piledriver! Armpit in face! Dragging and strangling! Even a blunt wooden board is used to beat the memory out of Zach. One thing’s for sure...he WILL remember what happened in August of 2008!

Runtime: 30 minutes, 19 seconds

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