Cameron vs. Zach Reno

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Tight-muscled and scruffed up amateur pro Zach Reno has been getting in the W4H rings for some time now.  Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses, but he is always entertaining to wrestling fans who appreciate his skills.  Here he calls Cameron (you, know, the boss), “old man” as Cameron gets in the ring.  That’s usually not a good idea if you want a promotion, and probably a worse idea when facing off against the equally well muscled and slightly larger Cameron.

Cameron does his best Leonardo DaVinci stretch pose across one of the corners, while Zach warms up, and they continue to trash talk each other.  Cameron taunts him by reminding Zach that he’s never lived up to his potential through any of his ring appearances, even the one time he crowned himself a winner.  Zach finally agrees to give Cameron five minutes to “come and go,” but you know once these two get rolling, five minutes will turn into at least twenty-five.  

The great thing about watching these two is just how fast and agile they are.  It definitely starts out as a brawler’s ballet, with these two continually shifting the power, dominance and pain.  But it’s also nice when the action slows down for a bit, like when Cameron gets Zach in ultra-vulnerable positions such as a balls up, spread-eagle wishbone.  

Eventually, though, Cameron proves who’s boss around here, and he just brutalizes Zach, over and over again.  It might have switched from a ballet to an opera, given the arias of pain coming out of Zach’s mouth.   Zach wishes he only had to suffer for five minutes, but Cameron makes it clear the torture won’t be over until Zach fully submits and admits that Cameron is not the “old man.”  And that sure as hell won’t be in five minutes, even if Zach begs (and he does).

At least on Zach’s trip to the jobber hall of fame, you get to marvel at Cameron’s impressive repertoire of pro moves.  Rule number 1 of W4H – don’t piss off the King of the Ring.

Run Time 31 minutes, 14 seconds

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