Cameron vs. Young Ady (Mud Wrestling)

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Here it is. Finally! The match between Spotland Scrappers' Captain, Young Ady and myself from a park near Manchester, England.

A wacky idea of wrestling in the park popped into my head while shooting some other matches with some English lads. On the walk over, the rain picked up and provided use a magical moment. What was going to be just a wrestling bout on the green grass turned into a fun mud wrestling bout.

An immediate friendship between Ady and myself formed during this day.

This match was a back-and-forth pro-mission style. Each of us taking turns pushing each others bodies into the mud. I am beyond glad that I have finally gotten this match online. In fact, at one point, I had thought this was a match that was lost. However, I figured out how to get the files onto my computer for you to enjoy.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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My Review

When you open your emails and see a Cameron match vs Yng Andy is available you just have to buy it .
Once again Cameron shows that he is the master of what he does .
Great production and interaction from the both wrestlers as always Cameron has the ability to draw you into any match and make the action super hot .
I would not normally buy or watch a mud wrestle match but as I am from the U.K. and have seen other hot matches of Cameron’s visit to my home country .
Great action and holds worthy of the old World of sport wrestling .
Love to see Cameron in more Brit pro style matches I am very pleased I have added this to my Cameron collection and will be looking to add more .

Terry Peeler
This Is the BEST EVER

Woooooo. Help me people! This is THE LATEST HOTTEST WRESTLING EVER!!!


Rough. Raw. A must see.

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