Cameron vs. Tanner Ripley (Thong vs. Speedo)

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Cameron and Tanner share a history of facing each other in the ring. In this instance, they find themselves outside the ring, engaging in a conversation about their gear choices. Tanner inquires about the attire chosen by the Champ, prompting Cameron to promptly drop his shorts, revealing his red speedo. Not to be outdone, Tanner removes his shorts, revealing a small, revealing purple thong. However, Cameron is unimpressed and requests Tanner to hold the ropes open for him when he enters. Although Tanner agrees, he seizes a mischievous opportunity and unexpectedly yanks the ropes up, delivering a painful blow to Cameron's groin. The match is now underway, with a clear focus for each combatant. Ball-bashing enthusiasts, prepare to be thoroughly entertained by the action that follows!

Both Cameron and Tanner dish out their fair share of punishment throughout the match. They alternate between inflicting excruciating pain on each other's groin (watch in astonishment as Cameron uses Tanner's balls as a punching bag) and writhing in agony, clutching their own balls as they attempt to recover from the intense pain inflicted by their opponent. Just when one wrestler believes they have the upper hand, a sudden low blow, a boot to the groin, or another unexpected strike lands, leaving them reeling from the unimaginable discomfort.

Both wrestlers unleash all their techniques in their quest for victory. In addition to the aforementioned boxing practice by Cameron, there comes a moment where the Champ finds himself caught in the ropes, not in the conventional sense with his arms tied, but with his head and neck dangerously trapped. The match must reach a conclusion, and when all is said and done, one wrestler emerges victorious, having forced their opponent to submit, while the other lies on the mat, massaging his aching groin, struggling to comprehend how the match took such a turn. This is undoubtedly a match that demands immediate viewing!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 35 minutes and 00 seconds

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