Cameron vs. Tank (Back Attack)

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Cameron is in the ring finishing getting ready for his next match.  Pulling up his socks and getting his boots tied when he is joined by a huge specimen of a man - Tank.  Tank seems to have one singular purpose, to destroy Cameron and literally break his back if he can.  Of course, Cameron has other plans, but it will be a tall order to prevent the huge wrestler from doing that, being much larger and smaller than the ring veteran.  Power is the great equalizer in the ring, what one lacks in experience and finesse can more than be made up for with the effective application of one's power.  
Tank seems to have a fascination with stripping Cameron of his boots and socks.  At every opportunity he makes a move to try and untie his boots.  Cameron is able to fend off these assaults for the most part, but only for so long.  Lifted up into bearhugs both from the front and the back, dropped over Tank's knee while his back is bent further than it has been before, Cameron is quickly losing this battle.  When Tank decides to put his enormous arms around the head and neck of Cameron in a tight sleeper hold, even the Champ has to succumb to the lack of oxygen he is receiving.  As if to belabor the point, Tank holds Cameron in the sleeper hold for an extended period of time, ensuring he won't wake soon.
Tank isn't done with the Champ, however, as he then wakes Cameron up and proceeds to put him into multiple backbreakers, all the while as Cameron is screaming in pain.  Once more to the boots, Tank manages to get the other boot off of Cameron and suddenly the Champ finds himself in just a pair of red socks.  Chokes, bearhugs and more over the knee pain for Cameron is in order as Tank proves that although Cameron may have all the experience and ring savvy, at least in this encounter, the power and strength of his opponent trumps all.  A great match with Cameron in skimpy gear and suffering as only he can!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 03 seconds

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