Cameron vs. Steve D

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Wrestler4Hire has produced some pretty impressive finds during it's existence, and the newest member of the W4H stable is Steve D.  An impressive tattooed physique with a killer smile, you can tell that he seems a little overwhelmed at what he might have gotten himself into.  Clad in a tiger print bikini, it is either very good (or very bad) luck that his first opponent is the Champ himself, who sports a pretty sexy black patent speedo.
Things go pretty much how you would expect for the beginning of the match, with Cameron giving the youngster some advice (sprinkled amidst the trash talking) while also showing him what type of punishment is probably in store for most of his W4H career.  Things don't look good for Steve (did they ever) and yet he seems to possess a certain pluckiness that refuses to be extinguished.  Refusing to submit, he at one point manages to turn the tables on Cameron in a way that is both very surprising and sexy as hell.
A battle over who will get to own the white pro boots Cameron is wearing becomes the focus, and the turn mentioned earlier figures importantly into that decision.  Will Steve, having upset the Champs plans for a totally dominant performance, end up with the upset win or will Cameron, as he often does, manage to once again find a way to victory?  You'll have to watch to find out!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 13 seconds

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