Cameron vs. Rendell Zebu (Socks)

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Wrestling’s not my only love. I’ve also got a soft spot for soccer. I come bursting into the ring, fresh from soccer practice in my t-shirt, shorts, socks, and cleats. Demented Rendell Zebu waits for me in the ring with a suspicious looking cloth. Anybody who knows his work ought to know what’s about to happen. While I’m unlacing my cleats, I’m suddenly chloroformed by the persistent poisoner, who holds me tight while I slowly slip into unconsciousness...leaving Zebu free to strip me of my cleats, slap and massage my thighs, and toss me into the ring. 

As I come to, I’m aware of this twisted fucker standing over me, demanding I flex for his entertainment. No way! My soccer socks seem to drive him wild with meticulous aggression, as my legs are twisted and tangled in his. Red and green chords appear, and Zebu tries to tie me up. I manage to pull him into my python legs and sit on his face, slapping his legs and rolling over to torture him some more. He manages to get my shirt off, and we go at it like enemies. I’m suddenly aware of how evenly matched we are...but I’m weak from the chloroform. 

I’m being strangled, my soccer socks swishing against the mat in resistance until I finally agree to flex my legs for him. But it’s not enough for him. He grabs a handful of my hair, hoists me up, my face twisting in fury, but he just bends me back, smothering my face with his armpit and demanding I flex for him. I’m stripped of my shorts, tortured by chords, and even trapped in the corner ropes with my wrists bound. I’m hoisted up, fed my shirt, and the worst is yet to come...   

Total Runtime: 23 minutes, 25 seconds

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