Cameron vs. Rendell Zebu (Bearhug Battle #2)

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“I see you came back for more…” snarls Rendell Zabu. This time there’s no flowery talk. We clamp together like a pair of magnets, crushing and squeezing one another with all the rage, fire, and intensity like any furious rivals in a rematch. This time I mean business. I even wore my tight, red speedos and boots. Zebu wears his green speedos, looking like the snake he is. 

“You son of a bitch!” I hiss, as he crushes my torso and hoists me, kicking, into the air.

“Fuck you!” he barks back. “Scream for me!” We pound, grind, smash, and pulverize, our sweaty chests pressed together in a savage bearhug skirmish. 

Voices strain as we both fight for breath, each of us the victim of the other’s strength. Fingers are twisted backwards, arms are wrenched almost out of socket, and bearhugs are applied with sweaty, dynamic, ruthless power. I won’t tell you who won this rematch, but let’s just say Zebu punished me so bad, I had to get a sports massage and stretching session to adjust my body. 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 56 seconds

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