Cameron vs. Pablo Pecs

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If there is one thing I think Cameron really enjoys, it is wrestling the new guys and showing them who is boss.  Here, one of W4H's newest finds, Pablo Pecs is stretching, awaiting his match against the Champ.  Soon enough, Cameron shows himself, behind a pair of sunglasses, talking smack right from the start.  Cameron needs to let the new guy know that he is willing to show the new guy the ropes, simply by putting him through all the holds and punishment he can.  Nothing like being thrown into the fire!
Cameron even gives Pablo a first shot at a move, a full nelson which Pablo locks in tight but once the Boss gets his opponent on the mat, all bets are off and Cameron gains a decided advantage.  Several shoulders into Pablo's midsection cause the well endowed Pablo to double over in pain and he claims to have had enough, but Cameron has other ideas.  His wrestling lesson is just beginning, and will only end when Cameron has had enough of dishing out the pain and tiring of his opponent.
Although Pablo manages to get in some holds, Cameron's extensive experience and skill in the ring rise to the top and he is able to easily reverse them to put even more diabolical holds.  A pair of back breakers leave Pablo screaming in pain and once Cameron is satisfied, he throws Pablo out of the ring and joins him on the mats outside.  Cameron then relieves Pablo of his boots and socks and, in one final humiliation, decides he wants one more time from Pablo.  Will he leave Pablo with one more indignation in their match?  You'll have to watch to find out.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 05 seconds

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