Cameron vs. Nick Justice (Best Friend Battle)

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Digging through some older footage and found something you may enjoy.

My friend (Nick Justice) and I were sitting around prior to a live pro event discussing what we had in store for our opponents that evening. Nick made a wise-ass comment about refusing to be anyone's jobber. I told him he'd have no choice if he faced me. He disagreed.

So 2 hours before the doors opened for this live pro wrestling event, we went at it. We followed the rules the best we can, but, of course, when you challenge your friend they are gonna stretch and bend the rules.

I think I hit Nick with 3 dozen different holds...maybe more. He got a couple shots in on me, too....but I think we know who won.

Leg holds, sleepers, abdominal stretches, scissors, bow-and-arrows, low blows, full nelsons and much more.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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