Cameron vs. Miss Gia Love (Mixed Wrestling)

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I was out at a club one night when this random girl walked up to me. She immediately told me she could whoop my ass. Now I was a few drinks in, but I told her, she had no shot at defeating me. She laughed in my face then revealed that she was a female session wrestler. I confessed to her that we had a lot in common, but she was still biting off more than she could chew. We exchanged numbers and a few text messages before deciding to settle this claim.

I booked a pro ring 20 minutes from my apartment and told her to meet me there at 8:30. I didn't think she'd show up, but she strolled in confidently. She was already in his wrestling attire. A white spandex body suit that barely covered her ass. I pulled off my gym shorts to reveal my speedo of choice that evening. 

We wasted no time getting down to business. The cameraman said action and it was on. Things got intense pretty quickly and I realized she was pretty good. She wrapped her legs around my waist and gave a little squeeze. Holy shit! She was way stronger than I gave her credit. I couldn't be goofing around too much with this girl. 

When you wrestle a woman, you can't be too vicious to them. It's unsportsmanlike...or something. So you can't punch them in the gut, or rake their eyes, or any of those dirty tricks. Well, you shouldn't at least. Gia countered a lot of my offense. She definitely had some skill behind her words from the bar. 

We were dripping sweat and she was embarrassing me pretty good with her big ass and big tits smothering my face. On top of that, she was laying in some heavy slaps on my ass leaving some welts. I decided I'd let her have her glory and I'd save my ass from the pain of her open-handed smacks. At the very least Gia was a good sport after she won, but she's still sending me text messages talking trash about her victory.

Total  Run-time: 20 minutes, 45 seconds

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looks fun!

glad you are having fun. 0 interest.

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