Cameron vs. Mid-Card Mark (Warehouse)

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Mid-Card Mark is stretching in the ring, and Cameron, always trying to be helpful, offers Mark some tips, as well as actual support to get everything out of his stretching routine.  As each is stretching and assisting the other, they call attention to the fact that, were they a heel, they could easily deliver a low blow to their opponent, but, being the upstanding individuals they are, will not do so. 

The two shake hands in the middle of the ring, and the match is on.  Although Cameron has stated he didn't want any heel moves like scratching of eyes, pulling of hair and the like, nothing will stop the Champ from delivering an ongoing narrative of trash talking throughout the match.

And Cameron has a lot to talk about as he puts Mid-Card Mark through his paces.  Stretching Mark in ways he has seldom been stretched, trapping him in his python like thighs, and delivering a piledriver to Mark all have the big man hurting.  That isn't to say Mark doesn't get in some pro worthy moves too, and at one point even gets the Champ to claim, "I submit".  A back and forth on open chest slaps leaves both men's chests red and is followed up by forearm after forearm to their opponent's heads.  It becomes apparent that the only way one person will get the win is to deliver a blow so massive that the person cannot recover from it.

And that move comes in the form of a Canadian Destroyer that leaves one wrestler virtually unconscious, his head laying between the legs of his victorious opponent.  When they are unable to get back up the winner celebrates their victory by forcing them to their feet, climbing some scaffolding outside the ring, and delivering a final flying body press that finishes their opponent once and for all.  A great back and forth with two skilled combatants, each eager to show their dominance over the other, not satisfied until their opponent is beyond any hope of comeback.  You'll love this one!

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  30 minutes, 15 seconds

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