Cameron vs. Max Ryder (Battle of the Butts)

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Cameron Mathews is a proud man.  One of the things he is most proud of is the awards that his butt has won in the undergound wrestling world.  Multiple nominee and award winner, this is why the Champ takes exception when Max Ryder has the audacity to claim that he has the best butt.  The two meet in the ring, Cameron in gold prism wrestling trunks, which he soon strips himself of to reveal a tight blue speedo.  And he has an offer for Max, if Max wins their match, he can claim best ass, but if, or in Cameron's mind "when" the Champ wins, Max has to kiss Cameron's ass.
What follows is an ass in your face fest the likes of which W4H has ever seen.  And both combatants take the opportunity to place their impressive butt firmly in the face of their opponent.  Whether trapped in the corner and basically having their opponent ride their face or trapped in head scissors, face in ass, the amount of time trying to squirm out of the sight of their opponent's ass takes up much of each wrestler's time in the ring.  Wedgies are a must in these type of matches, and we get plenty of those, an opportunity for us to see even more of Max's and Cameron's butt.
In the end, will Max pick up the win and force Cameron to proclaim him as having the best ass?  Or will Cameron continue as the unofficial man on the throne and force another of his subjects to kiss his ass?  Either outcome will have it's own ramifications for the underground wrestling world.  You'll have to watch to find out, but I promise you, no matter who comes out on top, the real winners are us, the viewers, because we get a display of two of the best attributes of each wrestler.
Total running time:  31 minutes, 19 seconds

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