Cameron vs. Martin Sherlock (Winner Takes All)

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Before a trip that I took to England a couple years ago, I had posted an ad on a modeling website, or maybe even craigslist, for an opponent to challenge me in an upcoming video I was producing. Martin, a quick-witted Brit, has no idea what he is really getting into, but he admits he is open to adventure.

I'm in probably the best shape of my life during this match. I prepare for the match with some stretching, not soon after, Martin shows up. Somewhere between the living room and the mat room, he has gained massive confidence. Maybe it was hidden under his low-key British charm.

It is decided that we make this about more than pride; it'll be about the almighty British pound. We each wager £250.

The mat battle begins in a cozy ring just outside the city buildings in Manchester, England. If only the people walking by knew what was going on upstairs. I think we know who wins this one.

Total Run-Time: 28 minutes

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