Cameron vs. Marc Merino (Chained Up)

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Swarthy, dark-haired Marc Merino is a seriously sexy stud. Standing tall in his bright orange shoes and speedos, he’s an impressive sight. Unfortunately for him, this big boy is chained up. As I happen to pass by, Merino demands I release him. It is SUCH a shame he didn’t ask nicely…

Yours truly slams and camels the chained up punk, twisting his arm and grinding his face into the floor. I have a blast grasping his face way too hard, wrenching and twisting those arms and pressing my fist into his abs. Slowly I slide my booted foot into unwelcome areas of Merino’s body, and tease at tickling the imobile abe. He’s gonna be sorry he called me a boy!

Even with his ass up, Merino dares to call me a bastard and a bitch. Punching, scissors, Boston crabs, pec claws, trash talk, and a whole lotta begging from the bigger guy. It might be about time to unchain this melody and let Merino fight me fair...

Runtime: 31 minutes, 25 seconds

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