Cameron vs. Marc Giacomo

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It has become customary for the Champ to personally take on any new wrestlers in the W4H stable.  In this case, we see a newbie, Marc Giacomo, who although has not been seen previously in a W4H ring, obviously has spent some time inside the squared circle.  Loosening up at first, soon he is joined by Cameron, clad in baby blue trunks, and the two do a pro-style lock up.  Before long, the pair are trading trapping each others arms behind their opponents backs, followed by reversals, and then back again.  Neither able to gain the upper hand, it becomes clear that this will be a bout of skill.
Each time one of the wrestlers ends up with their arms tied up behind them, their opponent seems to wrench them just a little more, inflicting escalating amounts of pain as the match progresses.  Sometimes this is done in a standing formation, other times with their opponent on the mat.  At times this transforms into a full nelson, other times into a swinging neckbreaker.  The variations are endless and devastating.  Once on the mat, follow up elbow drops serve to soften up the wrestler's chest, only to be followed by chops to the chest in the corner.
The Champ manages to get Marc into an abdominal stretch and then some more chops, elbow drops and finally goes in for a sleeper.  Quickly succumbing to the loss of oxygen, Giacomo is sleeping on the mat, but that is not enough for Cameron.  He wakes his dazed opponent up and then promptly slaps on another sleeper, which Marc gives into as well.  A series of final elbow drops signal the end of the bout and Cameron walks off victorious.  If you are a fan of wrestlers being displayed for the camera (especially the chest) and also a good working over of the upper body, this bout will be for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 01 seconds

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