Cameron vs. Kick Ass Kyle (From The Vault)

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FROM THE VAULT:  The FTV series presents some of your favorite W4H wrestlers early in their underground careers, or early matches filmed that formed the foundation of the W4H empire.  Kyle and Cameron are in the ring together, with Kyle wanting to join the "Club".  Cameron demands to know why Kyle wants to join the club, and although Kyle answers multiple times, Cameron has a tough time believing him, and determines that a beating is in order until he can give a satisfactory answer.
Cameron makes use of every inch of the ring in his punishment of Kyle.  He is slammed in the middle of the ring, his back is hurt as Cameron uses the ring post for leverage.  Kyle is draped over the ropes on more than one occasion, both in the corner over the top turnbuckle and in the tree of woe.  His face raked along the top rope to delicious effect.  I think that Kyle may soon regret his desire to join the Club, as Cameron has no intention on sharing the rights and privileges of membership with the outclassed Huntley.
In the end, a devastating Piledriver is the source of Kyle's downfall.  As an unconscious Huntley lies in the middle of the ring, Cameron gives no indication that for all of the punishment Kyle has endured, he has done enough to merit inclusion in the club.  It would seem that even after everything he endured, Kyle still is denied entry.  I think if Kyle has known that to begin with, he may have never forwarded his application for membership in this club, they just don't seem to have any intention of adding any new members.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  29 minutes, 55 seconds

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