Cameron vs. Kayden Alexander (Oil Wrestling)

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I knew from the moment that I first spoke with Kayden Alexander that I was going to wrestle him. I've been on the receiving end of many beatings, stretchings, submission holds and power moves. Now it was my turn for a match that was one-sided in my favor. 

I shot this at the end of a long day of filming. I had watched 15+ matches throughout the day and now it was my turn to have some fun. Kayden has a submissive personality. He also loves to run his mouth, which can be aggravating but fun. 

Well, this match didn't go as smoothly as I thought. The baby oil made it easier for Kayden to squirm out of holds. He's a very energetic twink, so I was caught off-guard. Kayden knew he was facing the boss and I think he was trying to show off a bit for the camera...and maybe he wanted to impress me. I mean, he did give me a nice foot rub and took orders from me well. He just puts up more than I expected from someone his size.

I had to take advantage of some dirty tactics to re-gain control of the match at various times, but, that couldn't keep Kayden from wiggling out.

Total Run-time: 16 minutes, 37 seconds

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