Cameron vs. John Bronco (Back Attack)

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When you are a wrestler, it is inevitable that you will face an opponent who outweighs you, is taller than you, and probably more powerful than you.  You have to be ready for any and all opponents, no matte their size or power.  Cameron, being the seasoned pro that he is, has certainly gone up against wrestlers larger than him.  And yet, at the beginning of this match, he shakes his head in disbelief as he stars across the ring at Bronco, a huge man seemingly carved from marble, with muscle on top of muscle.  Cameron can win, but this will certainly be a challenge!
What is surprising is that Cameron elects to lock up with a test of strength against the big man.  Let's just say, it does not go well.  As Cameron finds himself being driven back to his knees repeatedly in the move, Bronco eventually tires, grabs the Champ, places him on his back and then deposits him on the mat.  Cameron repeatedly comes at Bronco, only for the stud to scoop him up and slam him back onto the mat.  It is clear that Cameron's back will be the focus on Bronco here as over the knee and across the shoulders backbreakers are served up to the Champ in short order.
The work on the back continues as Bronco several times places his large frame on the small of Cameron's back and pulls back on his chin in a Camel Clutch.  The pain on Cameron's face says it all as he has already been weakened by the abuse he has had to endure.  When a final Camel Clutch results in a submission by the Champ, Bronco is the winner, and Cameron shakes his hand before untying and then removing his wrestling boots in a final sign of his defeat.  If you enjoy seeing Cameron take a beating, this one is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  30 minutes, 47 seconds

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Bronco never disappoints

Bronco does not give Cameron a break in this one-sided match. He establishes himself as the dominant heel, laughing to himself as he tries again and again to break Cameron in half. Even the rare few moments when it looks like Cameron's experience might reverse the course of the match, Bronco re-assumes dominance almost immediately. Good match up!

Now put Bronco in the ring with someone his size: Joey Nux! and let's see whose bearhug is the winning one. Or even pair them up as a tag team and let the two heels take turns showing off to each other, while bringing their opponents to screaming submissions!

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