Cameron vs. Joey Nux (Socks)

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Damn, I look hot in my blue speedo and long blue socks...even if they keep slipping down into my black boots. Big Joey Nux, who practically towers over me like some kinda kinky Incredible Hulk, keeps trying to pull them down. 

“I don’t think I like your socks,” he says with a cocky grin. I can’t help but smile myself. I love a good back-and-forth, especially with a brute like Joey. 

A test of strength has us grinding chests and trying to press each other into the floor. I get the worst of it, my arms smarting after getting driven into the mat. I’m all ready to go again...but first I gotta pull up my socks. Joey lifts me, tosses me...and I gotta fix my socks. Joey keeps pulling them down. 

“I don’t fuck with your costume, don’t fuck with my costume,” I caution him, the rumble of his mocking laughter in my ear. I get slammed, choked, Boston crabbed, and stretched out over his knee. Sleepers, stomps, bearhugs. Hell, I even get a facefull of his sweaty armpit...and still I’ve got to pull up my socks. Is looking good worth all this effort? More importantly, will Joey finally leave me alone?! 

Total Runtime: 23 minutes, 50 seconds

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