Cameron vs. Jim Silver - Ring (From The Vault)

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FROM THE VAULT:  The FTV series presents some of your favorite W4H wrestlers early in their underground careers, or early matches filmed that formed the foundation of the W4H empire.  In this outing, it seems apparent that Jim Silver has forgotten about the hour + beating Cameron gave him in his own living room in a previous FTV match.  Here the two meet in the ring, and I am sorry to say, the results for Jim do not end up any better.  Once Jim ends up on the mat, he remains there for most of the match (unless Cameron picks him up for an airplane spin or other devastating move).
Jim Silver isn't the only thing Cameron dismantles in this match, throughout it Cameron slowly but methodically takes the entire apart and uses its component pieces against his helpless opponent.  Turnbuckles, ring ropes, every piece is used to Cameron's advantage, and Jim's pain.  The ending of the match finds Cameron giving Jim the "bonus prize" (which is left to our imagination).  Jim pleads throughout the match for the beating to stop, but you have to better than that for Cameron, that only serves to egg him on.
This is a match unlike you will have seen in W4H (or anywhere).  By the end the entire ring: ropes, mats, tarp, etc. have been taken apart and are laying around having been either employed to deliver pain to Jim or simply by discarded by Cameron in his attempt to find the most deadly weapons available to him.  Jim has not had the not so enviable position of losing to Cameron badly not only in his home, but also in the center of the squared circle.  An incredible entrant of the FTV series!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  30 minutes, 22 seconds

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