Cameron vs. Jason Stone (Hotel)

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I had just gotten out of the shower and was preparing for my day out in the Pacific Northwest when I was rudely attacked by my buddy, who was in the hotel room next to mine. Jason is involved in the pro wrestling scene and we became quick pals on one of my first trips out West. He wanted to try out his hand in the underground wrestling world and who better to introduce him than the King of the Underground himself. This match was filmed by the local wrestling promoter prior to the evening's live event.

This is usually what happens when I'm on the road and staying in a hotel...ever since I was in high school. In fact, we had to stop shooting this match at one point to let the front desk know we were okay and just having fun together. 

Jason and I are pretty evenly sized in height and weight. The match was a highly intense, back-and-forth bout that definitely was a lot of fun to do, even though I lost. Jason is so confident in himself that he leaves me knocked out to take a piss in the bathroom before returning finish me off.

"I finally proved who the better man was," Jason exclaims as he laughs into the camera over my defeated body.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 34 seconds

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Room Service

The next best thing to being there? Pretty much a catalog of punishing moves and holds, executed in a confined space and displayed in almost non-stop action. What's not to like? You want pointers for your next match-up? Study the energetic exchanges here.

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